RebL Artists is a boutique agency putting artists and bookers together
based on personal, first hand knowledge of one or the other and often times, both.

RebL ~ Rebecca Lowe

After making the successful transition from shows on land to shows on ships ... and back again, Rebecca Lowe finally answered the call - fellow artists and concert venues alike wanted her help. The decision was made and RebL Artists was formed. 

Each artist is armed with knowledge and often times our personal experience so that they are prepared and comfortable, ensuring a successful and enjoyable contract. The concert association or venue can be sure - based on first hand knowledge of the show as well as the artist, that what they are getting will fit the bill - 
Entertaining - Personable - Polite - Prepared.

From start to finish, it's a win-win.


Chris Burke

Banjo Cats

Chasing DaVinci

Becker Magic


Hyperion Knight

Burke & Blaylock